Saturday, May 17, 2014

Divergent by Veronica Roth Review

So this is going to my first full-fledged book review. Bear with me, this might prove to be harder than I am imagining, lol.

So, I started Divergent in April. I read here and there, it took me a bit to get into it because it isn't my normal as far as genres go. But, once I started to get a feel for the world they were in and the characters, I really started to enjoy it and would deed having to put it down to deal with real life, lol.

The characters were well written, she made sure we could clearly picture them in our minds so that we didn't have to struggle and miss the important parts in the book. The world itself was harder for me to picture, but in my defense, that had more to do with my lack of ever having had to imagine a dystopian world before. I mean, I know technically even in the contemporary genre, most aren't real world that exist to us, but they are much more closely related to the world I live in, so they are a bit easier to imagine.

I have to say, Tris is without a doubt my favorite character. Though, I have to admit, I pictured Shailene Woodley the whole time even though I haven't seen the movie as of yet. I decided I want to read all 3 books first then wait til all 3 movies are out, and watch them all together. I despise waiting, lol. Within minutes of finishing Divergent, I started insurgent. I however am in the middle of a Read-A-Thon so, I wanted to finish up another book first, I only have about 100 or so pages left of it.

Ok, back to talking about Divergent. I liked Four/Tobias's character. He depicted how a lot of men are: guarded, quiet, has a shitty past, in the end is a loving guy who just didn't know how to handle his past until he faced his fears and let a girl in.

The story flowed so well for all the characters, I hated that so much unthinkable death occurs, but honestly, things like that can happen in the real world, so it wasn't exactly far fetched.

Overall, Veronica Roth, you did a wonderful job and I am glad I decided to give your book a try.

I give this book 5 stars, it is well deserved! :)

I love this photo, I wanted to share it. :)

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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