Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Book Review: Girlbomb: A Halfway Homeless Memoir by Janice Erlbaum

Hi Everyone! :)

I haven't done a book review in awhile, so I really wanted to again.

I picked up Girlbomb: A Halfway Homeless Memoir by Janice Erlbaum at my favorite used bookstore in October and I finally got to pick it up and read it in mid-November.
This book appealed to me for a few reasons: 1. I was born in the early 1980's and it was interesting to learn about how the generation right before me lived in that era. 2. Because well, it's a memoir and I love memoirs. 3. Because I love the "gritty" depictions of NYC. You know the one that most TV shows don't show you.

This book starts out on November 18th, 1984, Janice is 15 years old and has just ran away from home. She ends up at a woman's shelter and has to spend her first night in the adult wing because the teen wing couldn't get her in until the next day.
Next, Janice describes bits and pieces of her mom's men through her life including her father. She delves into details about the fighting she had to listen to and her fathers alcohol problem. Plus, all about the bratty step-sisters and then along came the reason she ran away and also the one that gave her the baby brother that she fell in complete sisterly love with.
As the book goes on she is almost stabbed by a psychotic pregnant teenager and never really had true friends that didn't use her or fake nice for any other reason. She set with bad sexual experiences, drugs, living situations and many other things that made her life harder than had she just stayed home.
Finally she ends up back home with her mom and brother over a year later and her mom finally moved away from soon-to-be ex-husband for good this time.
Janice starts partying all the time because her mom is zombied out by 8 pm every night, which is a side-effect of her new medication that is suppose to help her with her anxiety. Janice is smoking pot, uses LSD, coke, and is drinking all the time.
When she was 17, she met and someone she was for sure she was in love with. He was nicer to her than anyone before but he provided a steady flow of alcohol and drugs. Since he was older than her in his 20's already, he also provided her with an out from her mom's house again. So, after a few months she moved in with him.

I don't want to go into anymore detail because this book is a must read! The whole thing is sad, scary, and something you hope yourself nor your own child will ever have to go through.
I enjoyed Janice's writing style and her story, she kept it interesting without dumbing it down for the masses. I do wish it had been a bit longer with more details in some parts, but I'm sure in editing she didn't have much choice.
If you're able to find this book, do so. It was totally worth it.

At the end of the month will be my 12 month update for my 2014 book/reading challenge. I am pretty sure it will be a challenge I carry over into next year also.

I also, started making my own planner. I hadn't found one I liked everything about, so I decided to start making my own. I am no where near done with it, but so far I am loving it! I promise to have a post about it soon!

Today is Christmas Eve Eve! lol... Meaning it is the 23rd. I think we are doing our Christmas stuff tomorrow at my boyfriend's parent's house. Past that, I have no clue what else we are doing. I am sure I will something from it to report, lol.

Have a very Happy Holidays everyone! (I hate to single out just people who celebrate Christmas just because I do. So, Happy Holidays is what I start saying around Thanksgiving time. God (or whom ever you may believe in) created all of us in equality, no matter how different we are from one another. One Love.

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Mid-Month Planner Blog

Hey Everyone! :)

Time for my mid-month planner blog, so you can see how my planner progresses as the month moves ahead.

December is always so busy because of the holidays. So, my calendar is pretty packed and will continue to become more so the rest of the month.

You'll see mini to-d-lists and birthdays and holiday stuff. Now, I don't decorate like you see others do, I enjoy just adding whatever I want to it and then enjoy the chaos. LOL!

The inserts are for on going things through the whole month. The larger one is an Instagram Photo Challenge and the smaller one is my color coding, which I occasionally lapse from, but I stick with it for the most part. lol.

I have been doing some decorating in the next few pages, so you will start seeing a more uniform look later on. lol!

Ok, so on to the photos:

Look for the end of the month planner blog right after New Year's Day.

Happy Holidays! :)

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My First Planner Blog!

Hi everyone! :)

So, I am going to start a new series here on my blog, a planner series. This one will include The middle and end of November and then the beginning of December. I want to do them once or twice a month to cover the beginning, middle and end of each month. I am not as decretive as others and my months don't have a theme, I like chaos apparently cause that is what most look like, a ton of chaos. lol. I plan to start decorating the weekly planner part in January when the my planner starts it.

I have a Mead planner. I bought it at Target, it was originally $8.99 but I caught it on sale for $4.99 because it started at the beginning of November, and I got it half-way through November. I was excited. lol. This one also has a cover that you can add photos and other things to it because the insert slips in and out. I will show photos of that too for sure when I get to the photos part.

For 2016, I actually plan to make my own planner. I have figured out how to make one on my computer and am trying it out for a few months this year, to see how it goes. If I like it, I will make any tweaks I need to and go with it next year. I might even sell printables too of it is worth it. I will make sure to make a posting about it if I do end up doing that. :)

Ok, on to the photos! :)

This is the front cover, at the moment. It is only tentative though. I will end up changing it a few times, I'm sure. Most likely with the season changes.

I will post another photo soon. :)
This is the inside of the front cover. I actually really like how it has turned out so far, I am sure it will change too.

This is the first page, I have only added one sticker so far, but there will be much more added to it I'm sure.

This is for November. There is nothing grand about it because I only had it for the last half of the month, but it was still fun to decorate and fill in my information. Also, you can click on the photos to make them bigger, so you can see them more closely.

Here is the full view for both pages for December, one with the "Key" and "X-mas shopping list, one without those items. These are the monthly views, because the for November and December there are no weekly views, once January hits we will have weekly views too! :)

Here are the single page views from the month. These are just beginning of the month views, there will be much more added as the month goes on too.

So, this is what most the blogs will include. If there is anything else I could add to it, please let me know. I want to make these great blogs for sure. I will also do a blog about the supplies I have too. I am not sure when that will be, but before too long though.

Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Extending the Giveaway!

Hi everyone! :)

I am extending the length of the giveaway! I really wanted to give more people the chance to join if they wanted to. Please tell your friends so they have the chance to win some of these great prizes!
I am also going to repost the entry form below so you don't have to go searching for it in the past post.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, November 21, 2014

Thanksgiving: 2014

Happy Holidays everyone! :)

So, Thanksgiving is 6 days away now. I thought it wouldn't be too eventful like most years. But, today I found out we are driving 5 hours away to my boyfriend's sister's brand new (2 month old) house! I haven't gotten to see it yet, so I am really excited! The teenager doesn't get to go with cause she will be with her grandma that day, which makes me sad, but it will be good for her to spend some time there. :)
It sounds like we will be leaving the night before Thanksgiving and driving there, then coming home the day after or even on Saturday, we're not sure yet.
I enjoy spending time with his sister, she is really sweet and we always have a lot to talk about. Plus, his other family will be there and they are all really nice! His parents we see often cause they live like 3 miles from us, but we don't see the rest of his family too often.
After we get back I will be posting photos and talking about our trip.

So, I have had a giveaway up for a week now and surprisingly I haven't had near the traffic as I did last time, I am really surprised and really sad about this. I hope over the next week I will get more traffic so that these authors can get their books out there! So, bring your friends to my blog so they can enter the giveaway too!
I am going to be doing a Planner blog soon! I just got a new one recently and I have been doing a lot with it and changed things up a lot from my last one. Be on the look out for that one.
I promise I will be blogging more, I have a few things in the works, I just have a ton of photoshoots to get edited, so I haven't had much extra time, but they are easing up.

Ok, that's it for now. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day!

Hello everyone! :)

I just wanted to write a quick blog to say thank you to all of men and women who have fought and still fight for the country I live in so I can have a safe life. Also, thank you to their families for giving us their loved one to protect us. It takes a village is a true statement when it comes to the military life. Again, thank you for all you do!

Take the time and go on over to My Pin-Up Group and support us so we can start giving back to the VA Hospital here in the city I live in.

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Giveaway Time Again!

Hi everyone!!! It is time for another giveaway!

I will describe all of the prizes and then get into the logistics of the giveaway. :)

Prize #1: E-Book of The Boys Club by Angie Martin

Growing up a homeless juvenile delinquent left its mark on Gabriel Logan. He lived a throwaway existence until a former FBI agent recruited him for a fringe organization for boys like him, ones who could operate outside the law for the sake of justice. As an adult, he sets an example for the others and is slated to take over their group, until his work results in the murder of his pregnant wife.

Going through the motions of everyday life, Logan does only what’s required of him with one goal in mind: kill Hugh Langston, the man responsible for his wife’s death. When he’s handed the opportunity to bring Langston down, he jumps at the chance, but the job will challenge him more than anything in the past. Not only does he have to save Langston’s daughter from her father’s hit list, but the job seems to have come to them a little too easily. Logan must find a way to not only rescue the one woman who can take down his biggest enemy, but also look into the men he trusts most to discover which one of them is betraying The Boys Club.

This is Angie's newest book. I loved her previous book Conduit, which we are also giving a copy of away too. Angie is a great person and author. She helps new authors find their footing and will help with edits on their books, she also gives great advice. I am so grateful that our common hometown brought us a friendship.

Prize #2: E-Book of Conduit by Angie Martin

How do you hide from a killer when he's in your mind?

Emily Monroe conceals her psychic gift from the world, but her abilities are much too strong to keep hidden from an equally gifted killer. A savvy private investigator, she discreetly uses her psychic prowess to solve cases. When the police ask her to assist on a new case, she learns the killer they seek is not only psychic, but is targeting her.

The killer wants more than to invade her mind; he wants her. Believing they are destined for each other, he uses his victims as conduits to communicate with her, and she hears their screams while they are tortured. She opens her minds to help the victims, but it gives him a portal that he uses to lure her to him. With the killer taking over her mind, she must somehow stop him before she becomes his next victim.

This book was so good! I can't wait to buy her newest book so I can enjoy her writing style once again.

Prize #3: E-Book of The Falling of Love by Marisa Oldham

You will never forget your first date, your first kiss, or your first love. You'll also never forget how it felt when it was torn apart.

Seventeen-year old Grace Hathaway does not give much thought to falling in love, until the day that Ian Taylor, rebel and misfit walks into her math class. From their first conversation, Grace is mesmerized by Ian's charisma and rock star fa├žade.

Ian Taylor, a seventeen-year old kid from the wrong side of the tracks tries to ignore the feelings he has for Grace, but is captured by her caring, non-judgmental personality from the moment they meet. Grace becomes Ian's everything and there is nothing he will not do for her. Hurting her was never part of his plan.

This is her 1st book and man it is a great one too. I am currently reading this book and so far so good!
She is currently working on the second installment of this wonderful series! I can't wait for it to come out!

Prize #4 & #5: 2 Signed Bookmarks from Marisa Oldham
[I don't have a photo of these, I'm sorry]
You really can't beat some free swag from a great author, especially signed swag!

Prize #6: E-Book of Awakened: Tales of Erotic Discovery by Various Authors

Awaken your desire… Discover your destiny.

Nine sensual, steamy tales take readers to the limits of discovery in Awakened: Tales of Erotic Discovery. Filled with stories of firsts, Awakened is a journey through submission, swinging, shifters, strip clubs, and spontaneity that you won’t soon forget.

Pictures by Mica Rae Rossi: An art gallery owner reflects on a photograph from an erotic shoot that took her to new heights of ecstasy.

The Gift by Julian: A married woman with a dwindling sex life fantasizes about other ways to satisfy her needs.

Forward into Daylight by Michael C. Icofs: A timid woman finds her confidence in the most unlikely of relationships.

Switch Hitter by S.M. Rose: A man reveals his desires to bring another man into the bedroom to his wife.

Hayden by Tracey R. Deming: A shifter sacrifices everything for his Mistress.

V.I.P. by Jesse Johnson: A stripper meets a V.I.P. and breaks her own code of ethics.

One Night Stand by Emma Payne: A one night stand that goes very wrong takes a left turn and suddenly goes very right.

On the Job Training by Elisabeth Stephens: A job interview turns into an unexpected encounter.

Legacy by Lucas X. Black: A widowed Dom is gifted with a new legacy by his closest friend.

9 authors got together and this book happened! I can't wait to be able to read this one, it is on my very near future TBR list!

Prize #7: E-Book of The Club by Emma Payne

One year after leaving her cheating boyfriend, Laney Holden still can’t seem to catch a break with men. After a year of blind dates that go nowhere, she grows jaded against the male race, even with the choice men at work. When her best friend comes up with a new plan for her love life, Laney follows along, hoping to find something different. What waits for her behind the door of room 237 is nothing like she ever expected.

This book is the first one in the Room 237 series. I just recently learned about this book, I am really excited to read this soon!

I will be using Rafflecopter again, so no one will be selected by me or any of the authors included in the giveaway. Please do all of the requirements so you get a greater chance of winning. Also, share this page with all of your friends so that I can keep doing these giveaways and also hopefully get a read-a-thon going at some point too. If you are interested in helping with a read-a-thon in the future, please let me know! :)

Alright, my fingers are crossed for everyone!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween Weekend 2014

Hi everyone! :)

Well, Halloween weekend has come and gone, it is now mid-day on Sunday and my niece and I are sitting at a coffee shop playing on our computers so we don't have to hang out at home. I decided this would be the perfect time to blog and talk about the weekend, which wasn't overly exciting or anything, but I still wanted to say a little something.

Friday, my niece got picked up from school by her mom and they spent til 11 pm going to dinner and the movies and all that fun stuff. My boyfriend and I went and had dinner at one of our favorite places then we went out for about an hour with a few friends. Then, picked up my niece and went home. Had a good time, it was just not super exciting, lol.

Saturday, my niece was sick so we did some running around, got her a new phone and did a little grocery shopping and then hung out at home and then the boyfriend and I went to a zombie costume contest, which he placed 2nd, but should have gotten first, he did a great job with his make-up and stuff.

We have been without internet since Friday cause I switched companies. It'll be worth it in the end cause the new internet service is much faster. Come on Monday between 5 and 7! lol. But, is also why we are at the coffee shop today cause I have work to do and she wanted to play on her computer. The boyfriend is out with some buddies playing with their RC cars and sitting home doing nothing doesn't sound fun. Though I was enjoying myself earlier reading What If by Rebecca Donovan, it is such a good book (as I knew it would be cause she is an amazing author) I am about halfway through it and I will without a doubt be doing a book review on it, cause it deserves one for sure.

I have other reviews to get out too, I am currently working on them though along with a massive/collective book haul since I haven't put one out in months. Among many other posts too. Bear with me as I get back to normal with my posts, cause I really missed blogging and need to get myself in order with all I have to do on here before I can start letting them loose on you. lol.

So, election day is this coming up week. I will be voting. I am planning to finish up all my research and stuff today so I can make a completely informed decision when I do vote. Try to vote if you can, it is worth it. And please, stay informed about all things as much as possible, ignorance is not cute and it will get you no where fast.

Ok loves, I need to get going, I have work to do!

Have a wonderful Sunday and I will see you at the polls this week!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

So.... Sue Me....

Hi Everyone! :)

So, I dropped the ball on the read-a-thon. It was way to bad of a week from beginning to end for me to even think about doing the read-a-thon. I am not going to go into detail, but it was just a crap week all the way around. Sometimes, life can just shit on you and leave you wondering WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?! Yeah, that is what happened to me. lol.

From here on, I will be planning blogs again and making it happen. I love to blog and I have been letting other crap get in the way of that. I can't do that anymore. I am exited to do more book reviews and read-a-thons and so much more! :) I also will be starting to do monthly book hauls and my progress each month again. I loved keeping track of that stuff. I will figure out what the last one I did was and start there and break it up into the months on one blog post so that I can totally catch up. :)

I also plan to do a giveaway soon too! I have a few things to giveaway and I want to see about getting a couple authors in to giveaway prizes too! :) So, be looking out for that.

So, I finished up Gilmore Girls (all 7 seasons) the other day. I have always loved that show! Now, I am catching up on my currently TV shows that I haven't been watching cause I have been stuck on GG! lol. Parenthood this season, sad and happy and amazing! Grey's, uh yeah, I love this show and always will. They never have a dull moment for sure. lol. That's all I have gotten caught up on at the moment, lol.

It is 1:40 am and I am sitting here drinking coffee because I already can't sleep, so I am just making it worse, lol. I needed to get a post done, so I figured this was the best time to do it. I mean I have to be up at 8:30, but it's whatever, I run on no sleep and coffee all the time. lol.

I started reading What If by Rebecca Donovan, yeah so far so good! I love her as an author, the Breathing Series was amazing! She writes like a great YA novelist, but there is always a twist that will throw you off and it is where you least expect it. I love that about her! Plus, she includes a ton of amazing bands/music!

Elections are on the 4th. *sigh* I also have a dentist appointment that day, yeah I didn't even realize it when I scheduled it. Somehow it is funny to be though, cause I hate election day. Lines and big groups of people shoved into a place that isn't meant for that many people is not my idea of a way to kill an hour any day. I actually will do whatever I can to get out of it. I wish I would have gotten the early voting form in so I could have done that. But, yeah, I was super busy in that time frame. I will let you know how my voting experience is this year. lol.

Ok, that's all for tonight. I have other crap to do. But, look out for more blog posts coming soon! :)

Have a great rest of the week!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Wicked Wildfire Day #1

Hello Everyone!! :)

Day #1 wasn't a great success, but it was an ok one. :)

I read 45 pages in My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

Look for more updates through the rest of the read-a-thon! :)

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Day #1 Challenge: Bookish Scavenger Hunt

Hi everyone! :)

Since today is the first day of the readathon, so it is the first day for the challenges.

This one is by Kimba at Caffeinated Book Reviewer and she called it Bookish Scavenger Hunt.

I love these challenges. I try to always do as many as possible.

So to start this one, she gave us a list of random things to find on random book covers. It was fun. :)

Book #1: A Bird

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamost
Book #2: Bitten Fruit

A Bite of the Big Apple by Monica Trapaga
Book #3: A Lion

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis
Book #4: Dominoes

The Book Theif by Marcus Zuzack
Book #5: Shoes

Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman
Book #6: A Fedora

Hatless Jack by Neil Steinberg
Book #7: A Headless Couple

Love and Leftovers by Sarah Tregay
Book #8: Crown/Tiara

The Tiara Club by Beverly Brandt
Book #9: A Sword

Bridge and Sword by Duncan Lay
Book #10: Tree Roots

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein
Book #11: Green Dress

The Dress Thief by Natalie Meg Evans
Book #12: An Almost Kiss

Try Not to Breathe by Jennifer R. Hubbard
Book #13: A Cowboy

Beyond the Crazy Mountains by Charles Hackenberry
Book #14: A Witch

The Witches by Ronald Dahl
Book #15: A Zombie

My Life as a White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland
Book #16: A Creepy House

House of Fear by Jonathan Oliver
Book #17: An Eye

Wonder by R.J. Palacio
Book #18: A Cat

The Blackest Cat by Edgar Allan Poe
Book #19: Large Letter

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Book #20: Blood

Blood in the Constitution by R.S. Suckle

This was fun and helped me find a couple new titles I want to read! :)

I hope you guys enjoyed this! Play along! It is a lot of fun!

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