Thursday, June 19, 2014

3 R&R (Relax and Read) Tips!

Hello Everyone! :)

Well, I have been thinking of ways to have some different types of posts but are still book'reading related. So, here is my first attempt at just that.

I wanted to give up my top 3 ways that I use to relax and get lost in a book. Of course these are not gonna work for everyone and don't always work for me either. Honestly, I can read just about anywhere almost anytime, but these are the ways I use when at home and really wanna relax and read for a long time.

So, on with the list:

1. Find a place that you can sit/lay comfortably and move around too. I have 4 places in and around my home that I love to read. Depending who else is home and what time of day it is will depend on where I will read.
Those places are: of course in bed is the first one -- I don't know many people who don't read in bed occasionally. I can sit up, lay down, hang upside down if I want to. Though, I don't do much for hanging upside down since I have become an adult (not because I am an adult but because the opportunity has not arisen for that to take place, lol).
Next: On the couch-- I love to sit and prop the book up on the arm of the couch or curl up on my side and prop the book up on a pillow next to me.
Also: sitting at my desk. I am not sure why I like to read like that, though my chair is quite comfortable and I do like that I can just lay my book out flat on the desk and not have to get creative when trying to place it so my hands don't get tired.
Then: the last place I enjoy reading is in the chair outside. Whether on the front or back porch -- I enjoy being out in nature, it's peaceful. In the front yard I can watch cars go by and people roam around the neighborhood. In the backyard I get to hang out with our dogs while they play. Either is a good option for me. :)

2. Anything you may need -- put near you. I always have a drink with me, kleenex (I tend to read quite a few books that would reduce me to tears often, lol), my phone but on vibrate and my planner (I own my own photography company, so I need to be able to answer clients calls and mark down dates and times), also a pen and notebook (I like to jot down ideas and also random things I want to remember).

3. Find a way to block out things around you. I usually achieve this by popping in my earbuds and listening to music on a lower volume. But, with a good book, I don't have to do anything because it is easy to block it all out.

Again, these work for me and of course only in proper settings too. This won't work for everyone, but maybe it will help some of you out!

Anyone have any other ideas for blog posts for me? Please leave me a comment, I would love to hear your ideas!

Have a wonderful rest of your week! :)

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