Monday, September 1, 2014

September Blogging Challenge: Day #1

Hi everyone!! :)

So, I was browsing Pinterest and I saw Gracie pinned her blogger challenge #septbloggingchallenge. So, I decided to do it! :)
Now, bear with me on this, because I am working quite a bit right now and so, I promise to do all the days, but some might be grouped together. lol

Day 1 is: My goal for the month of September

1. Blog more and try to have different content than normal.
2. Spend more quality time with the fiancé and teenager.

3. I want to make sure to be more productive with my blogs and videos, even when I am tired after work.
4. Read more. I have been slacking lately because I started the new job, so I want to pick back up on it.
5. Be productive and have a list of things to talk with the teenagers teachers about at the parent/teacher conferences.

And honestly, that is really all I have for goals this month. I live a simple life, lol.

Also, tomorrow (September 2nd) I get to see my dad and step-mom for breakfast. I don't get to see them but maybe every couple of years, so it is a treat when I get to! :)

Have a great, short week now that the holiday is over!

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