Thursday, September 11, 2014

September Blogging Challenge: Days #6-#11

Hello everyone! :)

So I am here with Days #6-#11 of the September Blogging Challenge! I know I haven't been keeping it up like I should. I have just been really busy is all.

Day #6: Six things about fall that I am looking forward to:

1. Sweaters/sweatshirts
2. Jeans
3. Bonfires
4. Cooler days and nights
5. Leaves changing colors
6. Not having to sweat all the time (way less humidity)

Day #7: Seven things I'd like to work on to improve myself:

1. I am currently working on losing weight
2. Get back into school
3. Blog more often with even better content
4. Be more productive with the much shorter schedule I have to do things now
5. Do more photography for fun and not just for work
6. Get my teeth fixed
7. Make the pin-up group the best there ever has been

Day #8: Eight things I love about myself:

1. My eyes
2. My listening skills
3. My ability to be nonjudgmental about people no matter what they look like or their background or anything else about them really.
4. My ability to be honest without being an asshole
5. My ability to read almost anything and enjoy it
6. My photography
7. My kids (yeah I made them, so they are a part of me)
8. My ability to try as hard as I can to make something work

Day #9: Share my OOTD:

Well to be honest, I am working all day, so I won't be posting a photo, I will be in a green tee and khaki pants with mint tennishoes.

Day #10: A day in my life:

Work, work, work. *sigh*

Day #11: Make a wish!

I wish that my boyfriend will make it through today. I hate that he has to work today. One year ago on September 11th, he lost his best friend of like a million years in a car wreck. They had known each other and been close since like 6th grade. His best friend was a great guy and my boyfriend and him were extremely close.

Ok, that is all for today. I will be back as soon as I can be to do more.

Have a great rest of the week!

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