Friday, December 19, 2014

Mid-Month Planner Blog

Hey Everyone! :)

Time for my mid-month planner blog, so you can see how my planner progresses as the month moves ahead.

December is always so busy because of the holidays. So, my calendar is pretty packed and will continue to become more so the rest of the month.

You'll see mini to-d-lists and birthdays and holiday stuff. Now, I don't decorate like you see others do, I enjoy just adding whatever I want to it and then enjoy the chaos. LOL!

The inserts are for on going things through the whole month. The larger one is an Instagram Photo Challenge and the smaller one is my color coding, which I occasionally lapse from, but I stick with it for the most part. lol.

I have been doing some decorating in the next few pages, so you will start seeing a more uniform look later on. lol!

Ok, so on to the photos:

Look for the end of the month planner blog right after New Year's Day.

Happy Holidays! :)

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