Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Book Review: Girlbomb: A Halfway Homeless Memoir by Janice Erlbaum

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I haven't done a book review in awhile, so I really wanted to again.

I picked up Girlbomb: A Halfway Homeless Memoir by Janice Erlbaum at my favorite used bookstore in October and I finally got to pick it up and read it in mid-November.
This book appealed to me for a few reasons: 1. I was born in the early 1980's and it was interesting to learn about how the generation right before me lived in that era. 2. Because well, it's a memoir and I love memoirs. 3. Because I love the "gritty" depictions of NYC. You know the one that most TV shows don't show you.

This book starts out on November 18th, 1984, Janice is 15 years old and has just ran away from home. She ends up at a woman's shelter and has to spend her first night in the adult wing because the teen wing couldn't get her in until the next day.
Next, Janice describes bits and pieces of her mom's men through her life including her father. She delves into details about the fighting she had to listen to and her fathers alcohol problem. Plus, all about the bratty step-sisters and then along came the reason she ran away and also the one that gave her the baby brother that she fell in complete sisterly love with.
As the book goes on she is almost stabbed by a psychotic pregnant teenager and never really had true friends that didn't use her or fake nice for any other reason. She set with bad sexual experiences, drugs, living situations and many other things that made her life harder than had she just stayed home.
Finally she ends up back home with her mom and brother over a year later and her mom finally moved away from soon-to-be ex-husband for good this time.
Janice starts partying all the time because her mom is zombied out by 8 pm every night, which is a side-effect of her new medication that is suppose to help her with her anxiety. Janice is smoking pot, uses LSD, coke, and is drinking all the time.
When she was 17, she met and someone she was for sure she was in love with. He was nicer to her than anyone before but he provided a steady flow of alcohol and drugs. Since he was older than her in his 20's already, he also provided her with an out from her mom's house again. So, after a few months she moved in with him.

I don't want to go into anymore detail because this book is a must read! The whole thing is sad, scary, and something you hope yourself nor your own child will ever have to go through.
I enjoyed Janice's writing style and her story, she kept it interesting without dumbing it down for the masses. I do wish it had been a bit longer with more details in some parts, but I'm sure in editing she didn't have much choice.
If you're able to find this book, do so. It was totally worth it.

At the end of the month will be my 12 month update for my 2014 book/reading challenge. I am pretty sure it will be a challenge I carry over into next year also.

I also, started making my own planner. I hadn't found one I liked everything about, so I decided to start making my own. I am no where near done with it, but so far I am loving it! I promise to have a post about it soon!

Today is Christmas Eve Eve! lol... Meaning it is the 23rd. I think we are doing our Christmas stuff tomorrow at my boyfriend's parent's house. Past that, I have no clue what else we are doing. I am sure I will something from it to report, lol.

Have a very Happy Holidays everyone! (I hate to single out just people who celebrate Christmas just because I do. So, Happy Holidays is what I start saying around Thanksgiving time. God (or whom ever you may believe in) created all of us in equality, no matter how different we are from one another. One Love.

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