Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bout of Books 13: Day 1 Review and Day 2 Challenge: Character Face Off

Hey everyone! :)

Well, I didn't have a ton of extra time today to read, so I only read just a bit.

I started and got to page 17 in Papertowns by John Green. I am loving it so far, but well I mean it is John Green, so of course it is gonna be great! :)

Here is also day 2 challenge by LuLo Fangirl:

Opponent #1: Evan Mathews - The Breathing Series by Rebecca Donovan
Who: Lead guy who is in love with Emily Thomas
Pros: Loves music, Photographer, World Traveler, and always there when needed.
Cons: Adrenaline junkie, assumes to much, and misunderstands certain situations.

Opponent #2: Cal Logan - What If by Rebecca Donovan
Who: Lead guy who's in love with Nicole Bentley/Nyelle Preston
Pros: Never cared what others think of him, avoids conflict, has all female best friends, and is a all around good guy.
Cons: Always has a girlfriend but it never lasts more than 3 weeks.

Winner: Evan Mathews
Why: Partly because I had 3 books to get to know Evan, but also because I love that he is a photographer, music lover, and world traveler, those are all things I love to do or want to do. Plus, he is undeniably in love with Emily and is really there for her in all her craziness. You gotta love a guy like that. lol

Thats my answer for the challenge.

Hope you guys signed up and are enjoying the read-a-thon!

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