Thursday, February 19, 2015

Are you an Optimist or a Pessimist?

For a long time now I have worked on making sure to be as optimistic as possible. I mean truly no one likes a pessimist - they tend to complain and bellyache often. Now sometimes I do complain (don't we all?) but I still try to remain as happy and positive as possible. So, I say to you - dig deep and think about it, are you an optimist or a pessimist. Are you currently an angry person who takes it out on everyone around you? Are you wanting to work on that aspect of yourself? Please do! No one likes a Debbie Downer, Nervous Nelly, or Anxious Anna. Go talk to someone. A therapist, or friend even. No one is your personal punching bag, don't treat them as such.
Now, if you're an optimist, remember your over enthusiasm can be overwhelming and sometimes unwelcome even in certain situation, so learn to "read the room" - other than that, rock on with your positive attitude. Enjoy your natural high and don't let anyone take that way from you. We don't have to give into the "misery loves company" mentality. Your positive manner is much less stressful than their negative one.
Now please understand, this does not include the people who have imbalances or disorders that prove it difficult to control this aspect of themselves. This is for people who are negative just because they think they can.
We are all human and go through so much, and you just have to do your best to look forward to the future and stop give yourself unhealthy negativity because then you will go nowhere and fast. Try to look at the positive side of things and always talk about how you are feeling about things. If you have no one in your life to do that with and you can't afford a therapist or even have a pastor you trust, then leave me a comment below and I will listen as much as you need. No one should have to be without someone positive in their life.

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