Monday, March 2, 2015

Top 5 Most Used Apps For My iPhone and iPad...

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So, I wanted to try something a little different then I normally do. Branching out can be fun! So, this is about the top 5 apps I use on my iPhone and iPad, so there is a total of 10 but some are repeated.

Let's start with my iPhone. I have a white iPhone 5c, I have had it since this past May. I love it, I am an Apple/Mac girl so I have an iPhone, iPad, and Macbook Pro (and soon I hope to have an iMac too!). These are not necessarily in an order to be honest. I use all of them close to the same amount.

1. Instagram - We all know what this is. lol.
2. FB Messenger - I run a model group, and FB messenger is how we communicate, so I am on it constantly.
3. IMDb - I love pop culture and learning about "famous" people and who was in what and who wrote or directed what and all that kind of stuff, so this app satisfies that for me easily.
4. Google Maps - I use Google Maps for well everything. Of course the standard to find where I am going, but also for phone numbers to places, reviews about places, to find out what the hours are at a business, and even their website.
5. Snapchat - My best friends use this app all of the time, so I had no choice but to get into it. It isn't my favorite, but it can be fun for sure.

Ok, so for my iPad 2. I just bought it earlier this month, but since it is essentially the same thing as my phone, it was an easy transition into using it.

1. Instagram - see a repeat, lol
2. FB Messenger - another repeat
3. Facebook - Yeah I spend a good amount of time on FB on my iPad, it is just easier to read everything
4. Snapchat - Yep, you got it, another repeat
5. Phase 10 and Skip Bo - I love card games and my boyfriend hates playing cards, so I use the apps to satisfy that side of me. lol.

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