Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween Weekend 2014

Hi everyone! :)

Well, Halloween weekend has come and gone, it is now mid-day on Sunday and my niece and I are sitting at a coffee shop playing on our computers so we don't have to hang out at home. I decided this would be the perfect time to blog and talk about the weekend, which wasn't overly exciting or anything, but I still wanted to say a little something.

Friday, my niece got picked up from school by her mom and they spent til 11 pm going to dinner and the movies and all that fun stuff. My boyfriend and I went and had dinner at one of our favorite places then we went out for about an hour with a few friends. Then, picked up my niece and went home. Had a good time, it was just not super exciting, lol.

Saturday, my niece was sick so we did some running around, got her a new phone and did a little grocery shopping and then hung out at home and then the boyfriend and I went to a zombie costume contest, which he placed 2nd, but should have gotten first, he did a great job with his make-up and stuff.

We have been without internet since Friday cause I switched companies. It'll be worth it in the end cause the new internet service is much faster. Come on Monday between 5 and 7! lol. But, is also why we are at the coffee shop today cause I have work to do and she wanted to play on her computer. The boyfriend is out with some buddies playing with their RC cars and sitting home doing nothing doesn't sound fun. Though I was enjoying myself earlier reading What If by Rebecca Donovan, it is such a good book (as I knew it would be cause she is an amazing author) I am about halfway through it and I will without a doubt be doing a book review on it, cause it deserves one for sure.

I have other reviews to get out too, I am currently working on them though along with a massive/collective book haul since I haven't put one out in months. Among many other posts too. Bear with me as I get back to normal with my posts, cause I really missed blogging and need to get myself in order with all I have to do on here before I can start letting them loose on you. lol.

So, election day is this coming up week. I will be voting. I am planning to finish up all my research and stuff today so I can make a completely informed decision when I do vote. Try to vote if you can, it is worth it. And please, stay informed about all things as much as possible, ignorance is not cute and it will get you no where fast.

Ok loves, I need to get going, I have work to do!

Have a wonderful Sunday and I will see you at the polls this week!

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